Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Comics - 1st February 2012

Just the one for me this week since there's nothing from DC I usually pick up. Wasting no time, let's get to it:

The Amazing Spider-Man #679

Issue 679 of The Amazing Spider-Man (ASM) wrapped up a two issue arc involving Spidey getting mixed up in a time-travelling disaster that potentially threatened to destroy New York. In ASM #678, we saw Peter step through a work colleague's latest invention, a "door into tomorrow", and inadvertently altering the future in the process. This issue saw our hero go to every length to ensure that New York would be safe, that it wouldn't explode after all. After saving the city and it's citizens from impending doom countless times, nothing Spider-Man did seemed to solve the problem, until a little sit down at a diner with Mary Jane made everything clear for our favourite wall crawler. Peter realised it wasn't Spidey who needed to save the day, but Peter himself. 

Overall this was an enjoyable little story and it's clear writer Dan Slott doesn't take himself or the characters too seriously. The outcome is a fun, easy-reading comic. This two issue arc wasn't anything special, but it didn't really have to be because it's clear Slott has cooked up something a little bigger for the next few issues. This story was essentially filler, but was enjoyable nonetheless and that's all I want from my Spider-Man comics. The decision to combine Slott's witty writing with the excellent Humberto Ramos has been one of Marvel's best decisions in recent times as the two creators are perfectly suited for a book like ASM. Peter Parker has had his fair share of drama in the past, more than most actually, but Slott's light hearted approach to the character really works. Spidey is the guy who takes the piss out of criminals when he's knocking them out, he's not silent and serious like Batman, so it's good to see Peter having some fun whilst he fights crime. That's exactly the Peter Parker I want to see and ASM is all the better for it.

I'm looking forward to what Slott has lined up for the near future. Looks like it'll have something to do with Peter finding himself in space, which sounds a bit wacky but hey, everything else Slott has done so far on ASM has been good, so I'm being optimistic (for a change).

Rating: 3/5

Thanks for reading.

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